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Craig Kelley

First elected to the council in the 2005 election, Craig Kelley is serving his 6th term. He has lived in Cambridge since 1993.

Craig Kelley served in the marines from 1984-1989, and was a contractor for US Army Reserves for nearly 20 years as an environmental compliance specialist.

This year, he both refused any money he considered to be from a special interest and turned down questionnaires from groups that could not or would not disclose their own sources of funding - see his post.


BA from University of Rochester; JD from Boston College; Master's from Harvard's Kennedy School
Owns at 6 Saint Gerard Terrace. #2 Cambridge, MA 02140
Valued at approx. $1,030,000
Last sold Oct. 12, 1995 for $225,000
inflation adjusted approx. $361,316
57 years
Born in 1962
Voter Registration
June 9, 1993



This candidate has not filled out any questionnaires that we know about.


We want to make short term rentals in Cambridge safe, legal, and fair. But it's a huge issue! ... We wanted to make sure we incorporated as many as opinions as possible.

Craig Kelley, Backyard Cambridge Podcast

It’s illegal to smoke marijuana in public. We are struggling to figure out what that means... It’s not something most of us want to criminalize.

Craig Kelley, Profile in The Crimson

We don't want to be holding on to 1987 and thinking, "if only we could turn the clock back."

Craig Kelley, Backyard Cambridge Podcast


Campaign Finance

$ 10,256.04



Raised in 2019


Spent in 2019

$ 0

Jan 1, 2019 Balance
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Campaign Donations

What campaign donations this candidate (or campaign) has given, from the Office of Campaign and Political Finance and the FEC .

Total donations (less access fees): $5,549

Date Amount Recipient Note
2002-10-01 $100 Paul Lachelier

MA House, 26th Middlesex

2004-02-12 $24 Avi Green

MA House, 26th Middlesex

2004-07-07 $50 Avi Green

MA House, 26th Middlesex

2004-08-02 $25 Avi Green

MA House, 26th Middlesex

2004-09-12 $50 Avi Green

MA House, 26th Middlesex

2006-03-10 $150 William Brownsberger

MA Senate, 2nd Suffolk & Middlesex

2006-05-31 $50 Sam Kelley

Lieutenant Governor

2010-07-21 $250 Timothy Flaherty

MA Senate, Middlesex, Suffolk & Essex

2010-08-13 $100 Terrence Kennedy

Governor's Council, 6th District

2010-11-03 $250 Deval Patrick


2008-10-27 $500 Barack Obama/ Joseph Biden
2006-10-30 $250 Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
2010-10-30 $750 Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
2004-10-16 $250 DNC Services Corp/Dem National Committee
2008-08-29 $500 Barack Obama/ Joseph Biden
2008-10-02 $750 Barack Obama/ Joseph Biden
2016-09-26 $250 Hillary Clinton/ Timothy Kaine
2016-10-30 $250 Hillary Clinton/ Timothy Kaine
2012-10-09 $1,000 Barack Obama/ Joseph Biden

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