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Ilan Levy

Ilan Levy has been in Cambridge for 14 years. He has been active in the local political scene, such as blogging at CCTV. He writes that an arrest protesting for Michael Brown and Eric Garner prompted him to get US citizenship in 2015.

He also ran for City Council in 2015. He was eliminated in the 8th round with 182 votes. Notably, Ilan Levy is critical of the Plan E form of government that Cambridge operates under, and supports moving to a "strong mayor" form of municipal government (more like Boston).

Professionally, Ilan Levy is a software developer. He currently consults and develops, and is a co-founder of RSmeP, an event organization and management tool.


Software Developer
Boston University BE
Owns at 148 Spring Street, 02141
Valued at approx. $1,057,000
Last sold Aug. 14, 2003 for $410,000
inflation adjusted approx. $548,190
51 years, 10 months
Born in 1967
Voter Registration
July 13, 2015


Commuting Vision Zero Coalition
Biking Cambridge Bike Safety
Housing CRA Candidate Questionnaire


Plan E is the root of fundamental problems, procedural and political, in our city. We need a charter change.

Ilan Levy, Ilan Levy, candidate for City Council today, calls Plan E root of fundamental problems

The biggest issue facing Cambridge is its form of government. I think that before we resolve the issue of how we govern ourselves, we cannot address the big issues that are facing Cambridge and cannot implement them in the current system of charter planning.

Ilan Levy, Harvard Crimson Profile


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