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Alanna Marie Mallon

Alanna Mallon was born and raised in Massachusetts, and has lived in Cambridge since 2004.

She founded the Cambridge Weekend Backpack Program, a service that sends food home with food insecure students, in 2013, and has been a program director at Food For Free since January 2016. She was also an Education Liaison for Cambridge's Office of the Mayor from 2014-2015.

Before working full time on activism and for nonprofits, she was a designer at companies such as FP Girl and TJX. She is a graduate of Ohio State University.


Program Director at Food For Free
BASC, BS from Ohio State University
Owns at 3 Maple Ave. #2 Cambridge, MA 02139
Valued at approx. $850,000
Last sold June 17, 2004 for $565,000
inflation adjusted approx. $735,122
48 years, 9 months
Born in Brockton, MA in 1970
Voter Registration
Sept. 27, 2004


Arts Mass Creative
Harvard Harvard Square Neighborhood Association
Candidate Statement The Whistler 2017-09-01
Commuting Vision Zero Coalition
Biking Cambridge Bike Safety
Housing ABC Candidate 2017 Survey


I am the only non-incumbent who has worked in City Hall

Alanna Marie Mallon, Scout Cambridge

Vancouver has an empty homes tax, which imposes a 1% tax of the property’s assessed value on housing that is empty or underused. Revenue from this tax will be reinvested to affordable housing. In Cambridge, this revenue could be put towards credit for a Somerville-like 100 Home program, or purchase of land for Community Land Trusts.

Alanna Marie Mallon, ABC Survey


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2009-08-20 $25 Samuel Seidel

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2017-05-24 $1,750 Democratic State Committee

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