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Marc McGovern

Born and raised in Cambridge, Marc McGovern is currently serving his 2nd term as a city councillor.

Previously, he served on the school committee for 4 terms. He was first elected to that office in 2003, and re-elected in 2007, 2009, and 2011. He is also active in the Cambridge City Democratic Committee.

Outside of politics, he is a trained social worker, and continues to work part-time as the Clinical Support Social Worker for Farr Academy, a Cambridge school for students grades 7-12 with a range of emotional and learning problems.


UMass - Boston; Masters of Social Work from Simons
Rents at 15 Pleasant Street #2 Cambridge, MA 02139
50 years, 9 months
Born in Cambridge in 1968
Voter Registration
Sept. 30, 1994



Climate Green Cambridge
Harvard Harvard Square Neighborhood Association
Candidate Statement The Whistler 2017-09-01
Commuting Vision Zero Coalition
Biking Cambridge Bike Safety
Housing ABC Candidate 2017 Survey
Housing CRA Candidate Questionnaire


In the midst of a housing crisis, how could I ever vote for shadows and height over the housing needs of the people of this city?

Marc McGovern, ABC Candidate Questionnaire

I am the only city councillor who has filed major policy initiatives with every other member of the city council. I work with everybody.

Marc McGovern, Multiple, including our "Differences" Interview

I live across the street from the needle exchange program in Cambridge. They came in in 1994; my family's been there a lot longer than that. We welcomed them. ...

In my dream of my 7-year-old twins getting off the school bus to come home from school, did it include walking past active heroine users waiting for clean needles? No, that's not how I envisioned my kids' childhood. But you know what? It's a value we believe in.

Marc McGovern, Backyard Cambridge Podcast


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$ 23,341.16



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2009-06-12 $50 Cambridge Democratic City Committee
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2012-10-10 $250 Cambridge Democratic City Committee
2013-03-27 $250 Cambridge Democratic City Committee
2013-07-11 $1,200 Democratic State Committee

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2014-08-08 $250 Cambridge Democratic City Committee
2014-08-21 $100 Maura Healey
2014-12-17 $1,200 Democratic State Committee

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2016-06-21 $250 Cambridge Democratic City Committee
2016-07-01 $200 Cambridge Democratic City Committee
2016-07-21 $100 Cambridge Democratic City Committee
2017-01-26 $1,750 Democratic State Committee

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