headshot of Dennis Carlone in city hall; crop from city council's photo

Dennis Carlone

Dennis Carlone is serving his second term on the Cambridge City Council.

He has been an architect and urban designer in Cambridge for over 30 years. In 1978, he was the Director of Design on the East Cambridge Riverfront Project, which developed the CambridgeSide Galleria and surrounding area. It received the American Institute of Architects Award for Excellence in Urban Design.


Rents at 9 Washington Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140
Valued at approx. $660,000
72 years, 4 months
Born in 1947
Voter Registration
Oct. 4, 1980



Climate Green Cambridge
Arts Mass Creative
Harvard Harvard Square Neighborhood Association
Candidate Statement The Whistler 2017-09-01
Commuting Vision Zero Coalition
Biking Cambridge Bike Safety
Housing CRA Candidate Questionnaire


We're the 10th densest city in the country, which means we have less public space on average than most dense cities.

Dennis Carlone, Important Issues Video

I'm trained as an architect, urban designer and was a consultant to the city of Cambridge for 30 years working on my project along the East Cambridge Riverfront.

Dennis Carlone, Backyard Cambridge Podcast

There are two visions of the future of our city. One vision is of high tech luxury skyscrapers where only the rich can afford to live. The second is one where communities thrive and residents can afford to raise a family, run a small business and not be forced out of the city.

Dennis Carlone, Candidate's Website

high-rise housing costs 50 percent more to build than traditional six-story housing due to fire safety and building codes. Subsequently, higher construction costs demand higher rents.

Dennis Carlone, Five ways to prioritize affordable housing, including units built just for grad students


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$ 26,661.16



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2002-08-24 $200 Anthony Galluccio

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2008-02-27 $125 Anthony Galluccio

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2010-09-22 $125 David Maher

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2014-05-20 $100 Maura Healey

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2015-08-21 $1,750 Democratic State Committee

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2016-07-13 $250 Cambridge Democratic City Committee
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2017-01-03 $250 Nadeem Mazen
2017-04-21 $100 Quinton Zondervan

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2017-07-11 $1,750 Democratic State Committee

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2017-07-21 $50 Jan Devereux

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2000-06-14 $250 Marty Meehan

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