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Bryan Sutton

Bryan Sutton has lived in Cambridge since 2015. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado and currently works for Siemens as a Field Operations Manager. Previously, he worked for GE's Transportation division, also in management.

Locally, he volunteers (with his dog) at Caring Canines, a therapy dog service. He recently spoke during public comment at a council meeting in favor of a ballot poll question about public financing for Cambridge municipal elections, and is involved with the new group Cambridge Residents for Responsible Elections.

Although previously registered as a Republican, he has made appearances at the Cambridge Democratic City Committee, has supported Bob Massie for MA governor, and recently switched his registration to Democrat.


Field Operations Manager at Siemens
BS from University of Colorado Boulder
Owns at 764 Cambridge St. #6 Cambridge, MA 02141
37 years, 4 months
Born in 1982
Voter Registration
Sept. 21, 2016



Climate Green Cambridge
Harvard Harvard Square Neighborhood Association
Candidate Statement The Whistler 2017-09-01
Commuting Vision Zero Coalition
Biking Cambridge Bike Safety
Housing ABC Candidate 2017 Survey
Housing CRA Candidate Questionnaire


Publicly funded elections are an important step to fix political corruption in our government. A handful of progressive cities have successfully instituted different types of publicly funded elections, so we can make an informed decision on how to enact local reform.

Bryan Sutton, Cambridge Day Op-Ed


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