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Richard Harding

Born and raised in Cambridge, Richard Harding is a graduate of CRLS and Fitchburg State College.

Richard Harding has not run for City Council before. He was first elected to school committee in 2001, and was elected each term since with one exception (2007) for a total of 7 terms. He also worked for MA State Senator Steven Tolman and chaired his ward's Democratic Committee.

In Cambridge, he is part of several neighborhood organizations, primarily focused around equality and justice. For example, he is co-leader of Cambridge's NAACP branch.


School Committee Member
Cambridge Rindge and Latin, Fitchburg State College
Others (Family-owned house.) at 189 Windsor St. Cambridge MA 02139
Valued at approx. $1,241,828
Last sold Oct. 21, 2008 for $1
46 years, 11 months
Born in Cambridge in 1972
Voter Registration
June 5, 1991


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I am a kid from Cambridge that grew up in the projects and worked at the State House.

Richard Harding, Scout Cambridge

I think that it’s a shame that Harvard only gives the city so little bit of resources towards affordable housing and other programs. You also have to figure out a way to house your own students. That takes away from the pressures on the housing market.

Richard Harding, Harvard Crimson Profile


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$ 8,044.17



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2005-02-27 $100 Steven Tolman
2011-02-13 $100 Steven Tolman

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